At Collis we have a large selection of single and dual wheels for trucks, vans and SUVs (steel and aluminum). Both new and used wheels are available for purchase.
We also carry used automatic transmissions. Call us with an application.
Collis has a large variety of used motors for sale. Give us a call to check out what our inventory holds.
We also have hundreds of used drive shafts, a smaller selection of rebuilt drive shafts, and drive shaft repairs.
An assortment of front and rear differentials (used and rebuilt) are also available for purchase.
Transfer cases (used and rebuilt).
Fender doors and hoods (used and new aftermarket).
Used and new Kool-Vue mirrors. Hundreds in stock!!!
4x4 front drive axels (used and new).
Front, side and rear glasses for trucks, vans and SUVs.
Suspension parts for two and four wheel drive vehicles.
Hundreds of starters and alternators.
Large selection: new and used grilles, headlights, tail-lights and turn signals.
A wide assortment of bumpers.
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